Past and Present Supporters and Volunteers

I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the following people who have volunteered their time and expertise and have been major sponsors of the prize. Their interest and commitment to the Paddington Art Prize is invaluable to it’s ongoing success and is very much appreciated.

John Paul Antico, Director, Sponsors.

Pia Antico. Academic.

Caroline Jones. Art Administrator

Rochelle Chase. Artist

Jaclyn Underwood. Artist

Julia Martin. Artist

Susie Sierra. Artist

Litsa Veldekis. Co-head of Australian Art, Menzies Art Brand

Nick Vickers, Co-Ordinator, Alumni Relations UNSW Art and Design

Lucio Galletto OAM

Andrew Treloar, Meadowbank TAFE Scientist

Adrienne Richards – Meadowbank TAFE teacher

Alice Leung – Meadowbank TAFE student

Grace Li – Meadowbank TAFE student

Ian Johnson – Meadowbank TAFE student

Bala Vanapamula – Meadowbank TAFE student

Past Supporter

Simon Chan. Co-Principal Sponsor 2013 to 2014

IAS, International Art Services

Menzies Art Brands

Parkers Sydney Fine Art’s Supplies

Don Langdon. Print National

Past Volunteers

Anthea Boesenberg. Artist.

Simon Chan. Director ArtAtrium Gallery

Jarrod Chan

Laraine Deer. Artist.

Amy Dunstan

Jai Evans. Media Consultant.

Tanya Excell. Councillor.

Jenny Gibson. Associate Guides President. AGNSW

Paul Green. Photographer.

Megan Jones. Artist.

Sue Lowes. Volunteer Guide. AGNSW

Julia Martin. Artist/Curator.

Natalie Martin. Art Collector.

Miela Malyon. Student.

Isabel Morgan. Student

Kiriaki Orfanos. Writer.

Ingrid Pado. Civil Engineer.

Franco Paisio. Artist/Poet.

Helen Veldekis. Administrator

Alex Bogle, student

Andrea Quiroz, student

Chris Smith, student

Jean Fan, student

Kathryne Grigor, Student