View to Sandy Creek-Fowler’s Gap

This work was created through my practice of plein air painting and a recent residency in far western New South Wales.  Some of the landscape around Fowler’s Gap bears the scars of failed agricultural endeavors and years of drought.  The degradation continues now with the proliferation of feral goats.  In this unforgiving environment are scattered reminders of the previous Indigenous occupation in the form of rock art which shows they were more careful custodians of these lands.

To make artistic sense of all these aspects in a painting is a challenge.  I acknowledge my limited understanding of the historical and cultural aspects of the region.  As an artist I derive inspiration from the fundamental elements of the environment which have a permanence regardless of the transitory and alien systems which impose themselves on the landscape.

30 x 41.5 cm

acrylic/crayon on paper

$980 (SOLD)

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