Rainmakers Hill – Wangkamadla Country

This painting comes from a scientific research expedition organised by the National Museum of Australia and the traditional indigenous custodians. I was the Expedition Artist and was privileged to be invited to paint this sacred desert waterhole.

My work is interested in an understanding of the unique and fragile beauty of the world’s most remote and isolated desert landscapes and the peoples and cultures they cradle in their heart. I am interested in personalising the female experience via these landscapes, introducing the feminine perspective into the archived historical context of deserts.

My artworks don’t seek to be didactic or purely descriptive but rather present themselves as an unfolding of a dream. The desert places I have come to know intimately and deeply are sacred sites, sites of transformation, liminal spaces where we move from myth into culture and back into myth again. They are mysterious, unknown lands which have always housed creative human imaginings. My paintings are a type of love song to these desert places, resonating with their complex mystical quality.

There is something about the vastness, the stillness, the richness of deserts that keeps drawing me back. An Aboriginal expression explains ‘the desert Right Sizes you’.


102 x 198 cm

iridescent pigments & oil on French polyester canvas


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