Garden is becoming a robe room – DEFIANCE GALLERY AWARD / NOCK ART FOUNDATION PRIZE, 2020

The landscapes portrayed are from different areas, if they are landscapes at all. Rather they deal with travelling through places. The sea has held me for a long time. I am fascinated by the way it lurches and how the pitch of gravity creates spaces and repetitive patterns, pulling apart and coalescing threads of light, colour and shape.

The squares contain surfaces that perpetually slide around one another as they rise and become immersed, their edges rarely clearly being defined.

Whether swimming through water, passing through a garden or crossing a room, the shadows and light reflections filter the depths.

67 x 87 cm

mixed medium (graphite pencil, coloured pencil, pastel, oil pastel, oil paint on laminated papers, various PVC films, clear tape, constructed on laminated gatorboard)

$4000 [SOLD]