Marlene Antico OAM with Rod Menzies at the opening of the Paddington Art Prize 2018

The Paddington Art Prize is a $30,000 National acquisitive prize, awarded annually for a painting inspired by the Australian landscape. Established in 2004 by Arts Patron, Marlene Antico OAM, this National prize takes its place among the country’s most lucrative and highly coveted painting prizes.

The prize encourages the interpretation of the landscape as a significant contemporary genre, its long tradition in Australian painting as a key contributor to our national ethos, and is a positive initiative in private patronage of the arts in Australia.

Marlene Antico OAM, created the Prize in order to assist with the monetary difficulties that often impede artists from showcasing their works. As an art student, gallery owner and volunteer guide at the AGNSW for over 10 years, she has underscored her commitment to supporting contemporary Australian artists, aware, of the financial concerns that prevent many artists from devoting themselves entirely to their art practice.

“I sincerely hope that the prize money will enable artists to focus more solidly on their work and pursue their careers.” Marlene explains. The Paddington Art Prize aims to discover new talents and invigorate the art market with iconic styles that reflect the topography and spirit of Australia.

Each year, 50 to 60 artists are brought to prominence as national finalists by the selections of three distinguished judges. Careers are fostered and this is the intention of the prize. The artists, both new and returning, are showcased in the Exhibition of National Finalists. The finalist’s paintings are for sale during the exhibition which runs for 10 days.

In 2017, Chris Antico, Marlene’s son joined as Principal Co-sponsor of the prize. The Paddington Art Prize appreciates the ongoing generosity of the following key sponsors and supporters: Marlene Antico OAM, Chris Antico, UNSW Art & Design, The Sydney Art Store, Sofala Cottage, Charvin Oils, Lucio’s Italian Restaurant, Defiance Gallery,  Nock Art Foundation, Tracey Deep Floral Sculptures, Valiant Hire and Woollahra Municipal Council.

In 2019, the Exhibition of National Finalists will be held at MENZIES ART BRANDS, 12 Todman Ave, Kensington 2033. 

Not an artist but want to get involved with the Paddington Art Prize? Please contact us at info@paddingtonartprize.com.au.