Paddington Art Prize

Exhibition of National Finalists 2015

Clara Adolphs

In the Garden

80cm x 110cm

Oil on canvas


Tim Allen

Cirque and dolerite

136cm x 183cm

Oil on linen


Peter Baka


22cm x 27cm

Oil on wood


David Beaumont

After the Fire Comes Regeneration 2: Little Desert National Park

150cm x 120cm

Mixed media on board


John Bokor

Modern Spaces

61cm x 76cm

Oil on canvas


Mostyn Bramley-Moore

Chelsea Reach

150cm x 130cm

Oil on canvas


Sophie Cape

Sinking into the Murray Darling, Willcannia

140cm x 200cm

Oil, Acrylic, Wilcannia Soil, Murray River water, Salt, Bone, Metal, Vegetation, Ink and Charcoal on Canvas


Tom Carment

Ships at Sea, WA

85cm x 68cm

Watercolour and pigment ink


Catherine Cassidy

Falling Stars 2 (Lake Eyre)

200cm x 148cm

Synthetic polymer paints and enamel on polyester


Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen

Stretched Thunder

35cm x 105cm

Acrylic ink, Japanese ink and pencil on Wenzhou paper


Joshua Cocking

What would I know

120cm x 180cm

Oil on canvas


Nick Collerson


140.4cm x 186.1cm

Oil on Linen


Suzanne Danaher


117cm x 178cm

Mixed medium


Rick Everingham

Sydney Palms

92cm x 92cm

Oil in Italian linen


Rachel Fairfax

Grey Day, Wylies Baths, Coogee

110cm x 110cm

Oil on board


Debra Goldsmith

Dormant and Watching

77cm x 66cm

Mixed media on paper


Joe Frost

Coves and Dock Structures, Greenwich

62cm x 66cm

Acrylic on polyester mounted on board


Chris Gentle

Desert in Bloom

120cm x 140cm

Oil on Canvas


James Guppy

The Romantic

120cm x 82cm

Acrylic on polycotton


Craig Handley

Pattern Recognition #2

85cm x 56cm

Oil on linen


Julie Harris

Heath Painting Reflections

155cm x 137cm

Acrylic paint on polyester cotton


Geoff Harvey

Fire storm Blue Mts.

100cm x 140cm

Acrylic on board


Pollyxenia Joannou

Gravity 2

120cm x 120cm

Oil on canvas


Alan Jones

Painting 155 (Dunningham Reserve)

168cm x 153cm

Acrylic on linen


Dan Kyle

Slow Lean, T.R

120cm x 200cm

Oil on Board, Diptych


Eloise Kirk

Cloud Hopper

40cm x 30cm

Collage, acrylic, resin on linen


Ross Laurie

Pink Dawn at Weabonga

122cm x 138cm

Oil on Canvas


Robert Malherbe

Large View of the Domain

122cm x 153cm

Oil on Linen


Claudine Marzik

Controlled Burning

113cm x 97cm

Acrylic on canvas


Kiata Mason

Rain and Rocks - Port Macquarie

159cm x 188cm

Oil on board


Angus McDonald

Icewall ( commonwealth bay)

106cm x 120cm

Oil on panel


Tonee Messiah

Moonlit Midnight, Dunns Swamp

101cm x 106cm

Oil on Linen


Yosi Messiah

Monkey Play

153cm x 153cm

Mixed media and varnish on canvas


Stephanie Monteith

Bush Picnic

183cm x 153cm

Acrylic and oil on canvas


Glenn Murray

Bones and Seeds in the Landscape #2

62cm x 47cm

Mixed media on museum board


Charmaine Pike

Fire Season

150cm x 180cm

Acrylic on Canvas


Rodney Pople

New South Wales landscape

91cm x 139cm

Oil and archival ink on linen


James Powditch

Ball's Pyramid After Rain

118cm x 190cm

Mixed media


Ben Rak

Panoramic Views (The Esplenade)

90cm x 190cm

Acrylic on aluminium panel


Evan Salmon

Port Kembla Harbour

58cm x 74cm

Oil on marine ply


Luke Sciberras

Momba Mary, Wilcannia

120cm x 160cm

Oil on board


Tony Slater

Early Sun, Katoomba

114cm x 120cm

Oil on canvas


Robyn Sweaney

Edge of town

70cm x 300cm

Acrylic on linen


Ann Thomson


122cm x 152cm

Acrylic on linen


Mary Tonkin

Pushmi-pullyu, Kalorama 2015

79cm x 251cm

Oil on linen


Stuart Watters

Strange Country

122cm x 91cm

Oil on canvas


Joe Wilson

Landscape Painting in Transit

38cm x 150cm x 150cm

Timber, acrylic paint, casters


Henry Witjika Young

Kapi Pulkangya Pukatjala (Big Rain at Ernabella)

183cm x 114cm

Acrylic on 12oz Cotton Duck


Linda Zucco

Byron Bay Fire Station - Midnight

100cm x 100cm

Oil on linen


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Marlene Antico