Paddington Art Prize

Exhibition of National Finalists 2014

Tim Allen

Today and Tomorrow

136 x 183cm

oil on linen


Michael Ambriano

Long Shadow

100 x 200cm

oil on canvas


Brett Bailey

The Source

183 x 137cm

chinese ink and pigment on canvas


John Bartley

On a Clear Day


Acrylic on canvas


Robert Bennetts

Scrub Country


acrylic on canvas


Nicholas Blowers

Paperbark tableau


oil on 8 panels


John Bokor

Round The Bend, Bulli


oil on canvas


Mostyn Bramley-Moore

Two Pools

110cm x 98cm

Oil on poyester canvas


Kate Briscoe

Rockface Split #13

152X168 cm

Sand, pigments, acrylic on canvas


Kate Broadfoot

Thredbo From The Balcony

H 64cm x W 94cm



Jane Canfield

Rainy Day, Fernleigh

60cm x 60cm

Oil on calico on board


Sophie Cape

Glacial Furnace

90cm x 120cm

Bitumen, Ink, OIl, Acrylic, Soil & Etching on Paper


Rachel Carroll

Ground Water


Oil on Canvas


Susanna Chen Chow


102 x 122cm



Penny Coss

oyster fall

H 204 X W 179 CM

acrylic on canvas


Tony Costa

Fallen Tree Port Hacking River RNP

135 x114 cm

Gouache on paper


Gabrielle Courtenay

Under Southern Skies

127 x 152

acrylic, vinyl on Belgian linen


Michael Cusack


150 cm x 120 cm

Mixed media on linen


Anh Do

Jindabyne Morning

152cm x 102cm

Oil and aerosol on canvas


James Drinkwater

Lloyd street and the painter in a scene


oil on hardboard


Sophie Dunlop

king island landscape

52 x 72 cm

pastel on paper


Meg Egglestone


76cm x 60cm

Oil on Canvas


Nick Ferguson


51 x 51

Oil on linen


Jane Giblin

The Crowded Shepherdess

122cm x 75cm

Ink and pigment on unicartridge


Paul Gundry

Backstreet (Moonah)

61cm x 81cm

oil on canvas


Bernd Heinrich

Spring time

175 x 95cm

mixed media on canvas


Juliet Holmes a Court

warm air over pittwater

80cm x 120cm

oilstick on paper on canvas


Glenda Jones

Late sun, Araluen

33 x 22

Gouache on Arches paper


Jasper Knight

"Northern exposure"

150cm x 150cm

Mixed media on board


Joanna Logue

'Ducknest Paddock - Essington

60 x 160cm

oil on linen


Jeff Makin

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania


oil on linen


Robert Malherbe

Landscape III

H 66cm x W 56cm

Oil on Linen


Kevin McKay

Bonfire Pizza, Kogarah

61 x 76 cm

oil on canvas


Sue Meyer

Above and Beyond

H 60cm x W 60cm

Mixed Media


Justine Muller

Barker's Rangers

102 x 119.5

Earth Pigment (sourced on location) paint, oil pastel, ink, charcoal powder on handmade french cotton paper


Theo Papathomas

After the Bush Fires

150cm x 200cm

oil/enamel on linen


Allister Paterson

Burnt Creek Road

114cm x 183cm

Oil, Ink & Charcoal


Anne Penman Sweet


H 30cm x W 15cm x 5

Oil on gesso panels


James Powditch

Silent Spring


mixed media


Mellissa Read-Devine

Pillars of The Earth

H137cm x W183cm

Acrylic on Canvas


Julia Roberts


101 x 101cm

Oil on plywood


Paul Rolfe

View Obscured

76cm x 76cm

Oil paint on canvas


Paul Ryan

morning of the earth

81 x 143

oil on linen


Peter Stevens

Coast #2

H 178cm x W 122cm

Painting, oil on ply


Adriane Strampp


152 X 152 cm

Oil and wax on linen


Tanya Stubbles

Escarpment study in yellow

124cm x 124cm

mixed media


AJ Taylor

Hawkesbury 8

174cm x 122cm

oil on board


Leah Thiessen

Bitou Bush

120cm x 120cm

Oil on canvas


Alexandra Thorby


H 17cm x W 17cm

Acrylic on board


David Van Nunen

Midday at Sugarloaf Bay, Middle Harbour

167.5 x 167.5 cm

oil on linen


Marie Larraine Weir

The Crane, Cockatoo Island NSW

H 101cm x W 76cms

Oil on linen


Philip Wischer

At the end of the day

92cm x 92cm

Oil on canvas


All paintings are available for sale. Please contact Marlene Antico on 0418 167 135 for all enquiries

Founder/Principal Sponsor of the Paddington Art Prize

Marlene Antico