Paddington Art Prize

Exhibition of National Finalists 2013

Ernest Aaron


69cm x 116cm

Acrylic and aerosol enamel on canvas


Graeme Altmann

Caught in a lowtide.

132cm x 152cm

Oil on canvas


Mark Bailey

Where the sclerophyll wave to whispers of inland seas

76cm x 111cm

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas


Min Woo Bang

Stormy Day

168cm x 152cm

Oil on canvas


Daniela Bradley


30cm x 30cm

Oil on canvas


Cynthia Breusch

Outskirts No.2

84cm x 100cm

Acrylic on linen


Kate Briscoe

Rockface Split - Kimberley

152cm X 168 cm

Pigment, sand & acrylic on canvas


Grace Burzese


170cm x 115cm

Acrylic on canvas


Conchita Carambano


101 x 121cm

Mixed media on canvas


Cindy Chen

Soundscape - Birds anticipating Spring

70cm x 63cm

Ink, watercolour and pencil on Wen Zhou paper


Gary Christian

Big Storm blowing in

140 x 120cm

Paint pencil and pastel on paper stretched on canvas


Jeff Doring





Richard Dunlop

Freshwater Eel (Sydney Colonial Style}

20 x 240cm

Oil on canvas


Susie Dureau


20 x 25cm

Oil on Linen


John Edwards

Marking the Boundary

140 x 840 diptych

Oil on canvas


Basil Eliades

Bloody Island Mentality 2013

111 x 182cm

Oil on canvas


Gail English

Wheat Harvest

162 x 122

Oil on canvas


Will French

Hopetoun / No Hopetoun

70cm x 70cm

Chalk pigment on Painted Board (unfixed}


Craig Handley

Council Cleanup #6

81cm x 91cm

Oil on canvas


Penny Hulbert

Lake George

91cm x 61cm

Oil on Linen


Debra Jackson

Winter-Cradle Mountain

122cm x 182cm

Oil on canvas


Barry Lester Johnson

Coastal Wild Flowers

120cm x 90cm

Acrylic on Board


Tim Johnson


150cm x 120cm

Acrylic on Linen

Jasper Knight

Exeter Station

150cm x 150cm

Enamel, masonite, perspex and metal signs on board


Amber Korolouk-Stephenson

Faux Manor

112cm x 122cm

Oil on canvas


Graham Kuo

In Summer Air #1

152cm x 152cm

Acrylic on canvas


Andrew Lo

Bush Creek

50 cm x 70cm

Ink on xuan paper


Fiona Lowry

Edge of Willinga Lake

75cm x 60 cm

Acrylic on canvas


Christopher McVinish

Signs and banners

122cm x 122cm

Oil on canvas


David Middlebrook

Summer Field

100cm x 192cm

Oil on canvas


Gabi Mika-Mcnaughton

Girraween Tapestry

100cm x 180cm

Oil on linen


Max Miller

Again by the Campfire Under the Southern Cross; My Spirit Tree, </br> Happy and Drunk Kana

74 cm x 155cm

Black Chinese ink and watercolour on hand-made paper


Jeff Mincham

After Fire-- Cherryville 2013

51cm x 49cm

Vitreous Engobe on Fired Ceramic


Lucy Moloney

Suburban Slice I (lunar view}


Acrylic on canvas


Jill Noble

Stony Knoll

122cm x 142cm

Acrylic on linen


Anthony Nugent

Lamentation of the Osprey

137cm x 183cm

Oil on Linen


Kathy Parthenis

Sydney Harbour from Darling Point

30.5cm x 76cm

Oil on Canvas


Rodney Pople

Isle of the dead

87cm x 133cm

Oil and pigment ink on linen


Hobie Porter

Tenterfield Widescreen

50cm x 100cm

Oil on linen


Julie Poulsen

Country for Birds

106cm x 182cm

Mixed Media on Canvas


James Powditch


83cm x 214cm

Mixed media


Ben Rak

Uninterrupted Harbour Views

50cm x100cm

Acrylic on composite aluminium


Marnie Ross


30cm x 30 cm x 2

Oil and enamel on wood


Peter Sharp

Desert Prop

152cm x 130cm

Acrylic and oil on linen


Fiona Somerville

A humpy seen from the verandah

70cm x 55 cm

Acrylic on canvas on board


Neil Taylor


160 x 170 cm

Acrylic on Canvas


Savanhdary Vongpoothorn

Pathavi- voja

120cm x 150cm

Acrylic on perforated canvas


Emma Walker

Oasis II

150cm x180cm

Oil on linen


Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang

Conversations (iii}

200cm x 190cm

Oil on Belgian linen


Wang Xu


83cm x 200cm

Oil on canvas


Alan Young

On Elizabeth St Hobart

92cm x184cm

Acrylic and oilstick on canvas


All paintings are available for sale. Please contact Marlene Antico on 0418 167 135 for all enquiries

Founder/Principal Sponsor of the Paddington Art Prize

Marlene Antico