Paddington Art Prize

Exhibition of National Finalists 2012

Tim Allen

Folded Sediment And Granite

150 x 198cm

Oil on canvas


Mark Bailey

Transient 1 & 2

26 x 52cm each

acrylic on plywood

$650 each, Transient 2 SOLD

Gay Black

Walking The Dog

91.5 x 61cm

Encaustic and oil on board


Julie Brunton



Oil on canvas


Gaye Chapman

Redneck Pink: Yabby-Net-Waterhole + Ghosts

150 x 150cm

Mixed media + polymers + gold leaf on canvas


Susanna Chen Chow

Plein Air, Ross River Central Australia

61 x 130cm

Acrylic on paper


Meredith Cooper

Cathedral Of Ferns 1, Mt Wilson

21 x 102cm

Watercolour on rag paper


Sarah Cooper


60 x 120cm

Mixed media


Tony Costa

Audley, IV

182 x152cm

Oil on canvas


Luke Crouch

Burning Warehouse

76 x 87cm

Oil on linen


Laraine Deer


30 x 23cm

Watercolour on clayboard


Kate Dorrough

Deep Waters

152 x 168cm

Acrylic on linen


Jon Ellis

Sydney Harbour

54 158cm

Gouache on paper


Kate Elsey

Riverbend Lerderderg Gorge

76 x 178cm

Oil on linen


Peter Gardiner

Ravensworth Swamp Lantern Ix

150 x 130cm

Oil on canvas


Isabel Gomez

Hunter Valley

30 x 40cm

Oil on canvas


Margaret Hadfield

Shadows In The Grass

76 x 76cm

Acrylic on canvas


Junko Hagiwara

Baptist St Surry Hills

25 x 55cm

Watercolour on paper


Miles Hall

Nocturne II (Midland Highway Towards Stanhope}

150 x 150cm

Graphite pigment, oil and wax on linen


Rachel Hill

Bush Shadows

152 x 122cm

Oil on canvas


Rebecca Hillis

Twelve Apostles

150 x 200cm

Oil on canvas


Daniel Kyle

Gum Tree Scale

120 x 120cm

Oil on board


Nerissa Lea

Where The Dead Men Lost Their Bones ( Winter Tasmania }

57.5 x 76.5cm

Paint and pastel on paper


Anna Lochtenberg Williams

Cockatoo Coal

140.3 x 100cm

Oil on canvas


Joanna Logue


76 x 100cm

Acrylic on paper


Genevieve Loy

Untitled (My Country}

122 x 201cm

Synthetic polymer on linen


Margaret Loy Pula,

Anatye (Bush Potato}

122 x 122cm

Acrylic on linen


Guy Maestri

Balls Pyramid

182cm x 150cm

Oil on linen


Robert Malherbe

Blackheath Landscape

101.5 x 81cm

Oil on Linen


David Manks

Glastonbury Gardens

91 x 91cm

Oil on canvas


Sarah McConnell

Little Pond

51 x 61cm

Oil on canvas


Suey McEnnally

Chrysalis (the netted plum}

146 x 195cm

Oil and Pastel on paper


Martin McEwen

64 Postcards

140 X 160cm

Oil on postcard x 64 framed


Gabi Mika McNaughton

In The Dark Shadows Of Tibrogargan

100 x 200cm

Oil on linen


Max Miller

Chiaroscuro ll

84 x 119cm

Brush watercolour painting on French handmade paper, black Chinese ink, watercolour & lead white


James Powditch

Part One - Earth, air and water

150 x 130 cm

Mixed media


Claire Primrose

Holding Back the Years

60cm x 76 cm

Oil paint, pigment and enamel on canvas


Marc Rambeau

Rice Paper Collage Landscape

152 x 101cm

Mixed media on linen


John Reid

Coastal Odyssey

91 x 122cm

Acrylic and chalk on canvas


Angela Rigoni

Cold Country

150 x 130cm

Oil on board


Robyn Sweaney

The Verge

56 x 100cm

Acrylic on linen


Derryn Tal

Nature`s Tapestry

88 x 27cm

Acrylic on photographic emulsion


Sokquon Tran

Rain Shadow III

150 x 150cm

Oil on canvas


Willemina Villari

Memories Of The Upper Hunter And A Cane Lounge

to be filled

Recycled Cane, Paint


Xu Wang


120 x 83cm

Oil on canvas


Sharon Leslie Watkins

Blue Haze 1

60 x 60cm

Oil on canvas


Jo Young

Storm - Seal Rocks nos. 1 & 2

30 x 30cm each

Oil on canvas

$1000 each

All paintings are available for sale. Please contact Marlene Antico on 0418 167 135 for all enquiries

Founder/Principal Sponsor of the Paddington Art Prize

Marlene Antico