Paddington Art Prize

Exhibition of National Finalists 2010

Susan Baird

Gentle Shift, Hill End

30 x 35cm

Oil on linen


Seth Birchall


121 x 144cm

Oil on canvas


William Boot


60 x 60cm

Encaustic on linen on board


David Brook

View from Sallys Balcony

68 x 51cm

Oil on canvas


Jane Canfield

Passing Cloud

74 cm X 74cm

Oil on canvas


Tom Carment

Sydney in Springtime

120 x 84cm

Oil on linen


Catherine Cassidy

Darkling, Maree Night

182 x 150cm

Acrylic on canvas


Michael Cusack


110 x 136cm

Mixed media on linen


Gail English

Light and Air in my Tropical Garden

180 x 120cm

Oil on canvas


Christine Farkas

Finke River Journey

61 x 121cm

Mixed media


Celia Gullett


137 x 152cm

Oil and wax on linen


Paul Haggith

The Hinterland

180 x 120cm

Oil on linen


Craig Handley

Well Now

84 x 91cm

Oil on canvas


Julie Harris

Agnes Banks

160 x 65cm

Acrylic on polyester


Rachel Hill


152 x122cm

Oil on canvas


Jennifer Jackson


30 x 23cm

Mixed media on paper


Chris Langlois

Landscape (South Creek}

153 x 153cms

Oil on linen


Michael Lindeman

Paintings, Prints & Wall Hangings (Mapping the landscape}

173 x 168cm

Acrylic on canvas


Anna Williams Lochtenberg

Sunburnt Country

100 x 100cm



Joanna Logue

Apple Tree- Essington

122 x 183cm

Acrylic on linen


Gemelle Madigan

Warming Waters

177 x 116cm

Mixed media on Perspex


Laura Matthews


198 x 151cm

Oil on linen


Terry Matthews

Paradise Mudgee

61 x 76cm

Acrylic and ink


Raquel Mazzina


183 x 122cm

Oil on canvas


Kerry McInnis

Herons, Koolpin Gorge

91 x 101cm

Oil on linen


Kevin McKay

Rest Area Ahead

44 x 80 cm

Oil on Board


Nigel Milsom

Judo House Prt 3 (Bird as Propher}

160 x 205cm

Oil on canvas


Brendon Mogg

Sunlight over City Streets

120 x 160cm

Oil collage on canvas


Patrick Mung-Mung


100 x 80cm

Ochre on canvas


Annabel Nowlan

Unfinished Maps

119 x 119 cm

Mixed media


Jaime Prosser

Northern Road

150 x 100cm

Oil on canvas


Matthew Quick

Introduced Species

90 x 200cm

Oil on Italian Linen


John Reid

The Fall of Icarus

71 x 58.5cm

Acrylic on board


Paul Ryan

Not a Sound Out Of the Hills No More Than Smoke

168 x 122cm

Oil on linen


Doria F. Saglam

The Yin

183 x 92cm

Acrylic on canvas


Peter Stevens

Night Walk

61 x 76cm

Oil on canvas


Christophe Stibio

Sunset with Belinda#13

120 x 140cm

mixed media [natural pigments on canvas and ricepaper]


Robyn Sweaney


150 x 70cm

Acrylic on linen


Bernadette Trela

Walking the Dog

60 x 60 cm



David van Nunen

Rainforest Sunset

183 x 152cm

Oil on linen


Dorothy Verellas

over the ridge, this

101 x 18cm

Egg tempera on Paper


Willemina Villari

A different place

56 x 40cm

Mixed media on canvas


Emma Walker


122 x 137cm

Oil on linen


Victoria Watts

After the Fires, Mount Buangor

120 x 90cm

Acrylic on linen


Naomi White

Short Cut Home

210 x 120cm

Oil on Canvas


Julie Williams

Beauty and Decay - Hill End

61 x 81cm

Oil on canvas


Joanna Wolthuizen

Dock of the Bay

102 x 102cm

Acrylic on Canvas


Sylvia McEwan

Beach View

102 x 102cm

Oil on linen


Willemina Villari

Spring at 5pm

40 x 88cm

Mixed Media


All paintings are available for sale. Please contact Marlene Antico on 0418 167 135 for all enquiries

Founder/Principal Sponsor of the Paddington Art Prize

Marlene Antico